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Do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on

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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Paolo Sebastian S/S 2014-15 Haute Couture

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#no shit

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John Barrowman talks about meeting Benedict Cumberbatch at San Diego Comic Con 2014


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Romantic thoughts of a Scorpio….

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Sorrow found me when I was young…

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Ben at SDCC, July 26th 2014

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"What if you were really old and really kind and alone—your whole race dead, no future. What could you do then?

If you were that old and that kind, and the very last of your kind, you couldn’t just stand there and watch children cry.”

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chocolate frog cards for the heroes of harry potter

ohc weekly challenge entry → This time we’ll play around with the famous witches and wizards on 
Chocolate cards! As this challenge is open-medium, you may either create
a graphic/edit of that person (fancast), or write a fic for him/her, or
both! Other acceptable media: cosplay, drawing, sculpture… anything.

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#and he never forgave #and he never forgot

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boy srsly let me hold that poodle for you

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YAAAAAAAAS unfollow me because I reblog and post cool shit, make your dash miserable, go on!

And I would also like to say “hello” to new followers. From now on you’re gonna see the most random shit ever, I love you x

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"what’s your sexual orientation"



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random movies

"Perdido Street Station", "Rescue me" series

Listeing to:
Keaton Henson, Phillip Phillips, SOHN, Daft Punk

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